So You're Enjoying Your New Router?

Let's Kick it up a Notch!

All Your Home Pics at Your Fingertips.

Connect a USB drive with your photos to your Netgear router and securely enjoy all your pics right on your mobile.

Now they are ready to play and share anywhere, any time, with Kwilt and Kwiltkeys!


The 1st photo keyboard, letting you share photos on-screen from any source to any messaging app, without having to search through your apps and galleries!


A universal photo roll! Use this master-tool to view, edit, collage, beam, & share all your photos in a beautiful way.

Connecting Your Router

Follow those steps:

1. Get KwiltKeys and Kwilt from the App Store.

  • Create & set up your FREE account—just one for both apps!

2. Bind your Netgear Router

  • Insert a USB key/drive full of your photos to your new NETGEAR router
  • Connect your phone to your Netgear WiFi network
  • Open your Kwilt or KwiltKeys app & add all your Netgear router photo stream.
  • Settings → PhotoStreams → + icon → select Kwilt Streamer.
  • When your router shows up on the screen, tap to confirm the binding!

3. Stream your Photos

  • All your photos are now ready to be accessed quickly (and privately!) in both the Kwilt apps!

Some Helpful FAQs

Kwilt FAQs

More Questions? Check out our blog for tutorials, or email and we’ll be happy to help with anything you need!

Happy Kwilting!